Our Achievements

Members of International Strategy Design & Research, Inc. has already executed various kinds of projects.
Below are our main achievements in each field.

International Strategy

  • A comparative study of Japanese management systems with the Western countries
  • A research project on Okinawa free trade zone development
  • A survey on cooperation of industry, government and academia between Asia and Europe
  • A consultation for organizational management to conduct oversea business
  • Analysis of global marketing strategy for high speed railways and other infrastructure equipment

Asian Studies

  • Asia Analysis Report
  • A survey on the business networks of Oversea Chinese in Hong Kong
  • A research on the special economic zone
  • Business globalization for Japanese company in “the Asian era”
  • A study for sustaining competitiveness and “Manufacturing DNA” of Japanese companies

Risk Management

  • A survey on country risks in foreign countries
  • Creation of operational manuals for establishing a regional management headquarter
  • Design and operate training course on risk management
  • A study program for risk managers
  • Corporate communications in terms of risk management
  • Basic research on economical impact by epicentral earthquake in Tokyo metropolitan


  • Development of a concept for next-generation mobile terminal devices
  • A feasibility study on pursuing cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Business architecture for Internet web marketing
  • Strategy for starting up an e-business
  • CSR report evaluation
  • An analysis of 240 Japanese company environmental reports
  • Studies on innovative cooperation in Europe (incl. coordination of observation group)

Regional Governance

  • Policy recommendations for municipalities
  • Vision making for information society toward next generation
  • Marketing strategy for promoting company investment
  • A survey on Okinawa FTZ development
  • Create website contents for promoting Okinawa business